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The funeral or memorial service for a loved one is an opportunity to share grief, to acknowledge regrets and sadness, to remember the life that has ended, and to recognise what this person meant to us, and all the gifts they brought to our life.

At this sad time, the grieving family and friends, and the person who has died, deserve a ceremony which has been created with understanding and thoughtfulness.

Whether you want a ceremony that is non-religious, religious or which contains some spiritual elements, I seek to honour and reflect in the funeral, the beliefs and needs of the bereaved, as well as the character and gifts of the deceased.

Whether the funeral is held in a crematorium, a religious building, a cemetery or a private and special place, I will help you to design and write a ceremony that meets your family's needs wishes and beliefs, and I will conduct the ceremony, involving family and friends in line with your wishes, creating a funeral service that is appropriate, meaningful and dignified.